Having a Wales of a Time

Posted: June 22, 2010 in Uncategorized
We get to the airport in Cork, Ireland, just to find out that we will be taking a “prop” plane to Cardiff, Wales (UK) Nooooo! The plane ride was pretty smooth, but still, are you really going to fly these propellers through these massive clouds? Again, I am thankful for the safe travels so far. We get here(Wales) and enjoy the beautiful sites. Wales kind of reminds me of New Zealand. Dramatic scenery, buildings and houses on the side of mountainous ranges. You are on the edge of the world, (at least this half of it), the land scape suddenly stops, then drops down a few hundred feet to the water. We had two days off so after taking a few pics for you and I to enjoy, I was able to get some serious practice time in. Reflected a bit on improvements that I can make. I guess traveling will make you do that, too. Definitely puts things in perspective when you are across the world. The hotel here is awesome, top of the line and sexy and wonderful and exquisite and so appropriately named St David’s! 🙂 We will perform the Cardiff International Arena. Next, we travel by bus(YES!) to Birmingham, England. If you like what you are seeing and reading please forward this to your friends that may like traveling and music. You can also bookmark my blog on my website. Last night we met Pink and her band! She said no pictures “I’m too ugly right now!” LOL


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