Arrived safely in Cork, Ireland

Posted: June 19, 2010 in Uncategorized
Arrived to the beautiful city of Cork. We are staying at a nice hotel by the water. The venue was on a fairground and we performed inside of a big top circus type of a tent. The first show was very nice, usually we have to do a few shows before we get warmed up but the band has really been on a real live roll! The mighty Rev. Al Green let me take a solo today. I was happy like Ron Artest (Kobe passed me the ball!) You should already know, I did the usual! 🙂 Not only perform with a legend but I was able to stop and chat with one of my fav singers Michael McDonald (Doobey Brothers) my dad always really liked him he will be touring with us throughout the UK portion of the tour. Looking forward to the next stop which is Cardiff, Wales UK. Such a blessing to get to do what I love, and get paid! Thank you God. My band in Tallahassee will be performing at the Moon tonight in the Silver Moon Lounge. Yes! I still keep them working while I am gone. I think its so appropriate to hook my guys up when I can. I believe tonight will feature the songstress Ms. Ayonna Peaches Taylor. Thank you for your thoughts and prayers!


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