Mayweather vs. Mosely May 1st

Posted: January 30, 2010 in Uncategorized
Finally! This will be a good fight. I am surprised that Mayweather took this fight. Especially since Mosley did not want to fight him early on. But hopefully all the people that say Mayweather is scared and “dodges” people will finally hush. This is definitely a formidable opponent. If you are wondering what happened to Mayweather vs pac man. There was an issue with drug testing!!! Yeh pac man must have been eating too many of those little yellow pills. Nah.. I don’t know all of the details. That seems to be under wraps! Pacman will fight Clottey at Jerry’s world (new Dallas Stadium)! Clottey is a great defensive fighter who should have won the fight against Cotto. 2 great boxing matches.. Boxing lives! 🙂 My picks: I like Clottey and I am undecided on the Mosley vs Mayweather


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