Greetings from Australia!

Posted: January 16, 2010 in On the Road
At the airport, nervous but excited. Getting on the plane to sit my butt down at my window seat and watch as many movies as I can. Ugh! this is so uncomfortable crammed in here. How come this ladies arm is taking up all of the arm rest? I need to pee! Is this lady next to me sleep? Wake up, man! I wonder if that cup right there is big enough!!! Ok, ok it WAS tough though, lol. Finally touch down! This trip has been so fun so far! I thank God for the opportunities and the safe travel. Really smooth flight to Sydney. As soon as we deplaned it was a party! The people in Sydney are truly fun loving. Extremely diverse community. Japanese, Chinese, and African just to name a few. Aborigines, actually Aboriginals (indigenous to Australia) too. We had chance to hear some of their music when they opened the first show for us at the DomainAl Green has been stellar. Crowds of 100,000 people singing, “Let’s Stay Togetherrrr”. Lol Unforgettable. I had to make sure not to get too caught up in the whole experience. If I party all the time and forget to document my trip, I’d regret it later and I wouldn’t have anything to show you. It was really hard at first to figure out what you may be interested in. After all, you may not like the same things that I do! I just decided to snap away with my new Canon PowerShot SX120 IS (Thanks Mom and Dad for the Christmas gift!) I really hope you get a feel for how it is here. Beautiful scenery, Kangaroos, awesome beaches, community, currency, etc. I am currently in Melbourne, our 2nd stop, performing at the Palais Theatre. I plan to make a mini movie of my trip and experiences, you will get to meet the band and see behind the scenes footage. It will be available for a FREE download on my website when the tour is complete. The money here is AUD”Australian Dollar”, which is/was 5 cents more than our money! 😦 Australia has only about 20 million people but the continent is as big as the US. 80-90% of Australia is uninhabited desert! Everyone lives on the beach! Special note: I would like to thank Chugg Entertainment. The company that has been taking care of us while we are out here. First class service!


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