I was just talking to a friend of mine and she said, “I dont know who would want to watch that, you can just look at his face and tell how he is.” Me being a kobe fan, I replied he’s the Black MAMBA! lol I know that Kobe def has some questionable personality scenarios, but this is what makes this spike lee production so interesting. He is a superstar to most, convict to some, but he’s definitely diverse. I want to see someone of his caliber, at least as a athlete, how he goes about his business. What does he do to maintain himself at such a high level?, what does he say to his teammates?,  what does he say on the court?, Is he really this cocky? He’s public enemy #1 as kenny the jet so accurately put. He is a person that does something really well and is confident, consistent and successful. So just remove the biasness!! lol… 
 Homegoing party for the Rockets on SUNDAY!





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