Dayve Stewart plays Akai's EWI 4000's

The Vocoder/Talkbox is a device (processor) that allows you to basically speak words, but instead of your voice making the sound it gives you the option to pick a different sound for your words….pretty cool. I can control the sounds with my EWI…lol that sound so nasty ewww! lol….Basically its an electronic instrument. Anyhow its so awesome , all of these years that have gone by and I have always wanted to be a singer as well as a sax player. I would have been a “Real Live” crooner… if you will.. 🙂 Now with today’s technology…Vwala! The song in the video is Tpain’s Chopped n Screwed.. enjoy. Special thanks to M.Phillips and Flow Flourin. Flow really took the time to help me get it working right. Some other notable users of the Vocoder/Talkbox would be Stevie Wonder and Peter Frampton to name two!


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